Brewing Espresso in a Moka

setup.jpgIf you want coffee, then chances are that you are going to really enjoy Italian coffee. There are plenty of styles including "espresso" and cappuccino, which are both popular in the United States. All styles are according to espresso. As an example, cappuccino is espresso with steamed milk and milk foam.

Should you want to make "true" espresso, then anticipate to spend several hundred dollars on a high-quality espresso machine as you see in restaurants or cappuccino bars. These machines use high-pressure water to produce the espresso. Home machines, perhaps the 0 models found at Wal Mart as well as other places, do not produce enough pressure to create espresso like you get in a coffee bar.


Making the most wonderful Shot of Espresso

Espresso ShotNot all espresso makers are exactly the same, so you need to know what sort of machine you have.

Do you have a machine where you pour fresh water at the top after which screw the lid down?

Then it's likely that you've got a steam driven machine. If the machine has a huge reservoir and makes all sorts of noises when you push a few buttons that appear to be some sort of computer panel, you have a pump driven machine.


Using the DeLongi Magnifica Espresso Machine

DeLonghi-Magnifica-sm.jpgThe DeLongi Magnifica super-automatic espresso machine with build-in grinder is straightforward to use and it is capable of producing good quality espresso.

This is certainly a good, compact and sturdy machine effective at delivering a consistent shot of espresso and good quality steamed milk. It's also available at a comparatively affordable cost.


Espresso Tamping

Espresso TampingThis short article may be the to begin a few articles about espresso preparation. Espresso has got the potential to function as ultimate as a type of coffee, but is many times sour, bitter, and overpowering.

To prepare espresso properly a number of factors must be monitored.

The espresso needs to be freshly roasted, freshly ground with a sharp conical burr grinder, properly dosed and distributed, tamped correctly, and monitored closely during extraction. If done correctly the resulting espresso is going to be smoother, more aromatic, and more flavorful. The crema will likely to be darker and thicker in addition to bitterness is going to be minimized. This article will focus on the grinding, dosing, and tamping associated with espresso. Future articles will describe espresso extraction, latte art, roasting, and blending.


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